Terms and Conditions

(1) Confidentiality: The design and engineering work we explore within Inner Circle is secret.

(2) Right to Use Your Input: We picked you for a reason! As an Inner Circle member you will help us improve our products. We want to have the ability to use your hard work to make our technology even better.

While I can speak broadly about my membership to Inner Circle, all information as well as any materials that Watsco Inc.’s Inner Circle discloses or provides to me is confidential. By signing this form, I agree that I will hold all materials, information or feedback in strict confidence and will not, directly or indirectly, disclose, discuss, share, post, or otherwise make available any materials, information or feedback discussed to any third party and I will not use any of the materials, information or feedback for any purpose except to communicate with and provide feedback. I specifically agree not to disclose or share any of the information, materials, or feedback on the Internet, including on any websites, mobile applications or other online digital media.
I may tell others that I have participated in an Inner Circle research study. However, I will not use for my own benefit or anyone else’s, and I will not disclose to anyone, the specific topics, ideas, or questions discussed, or drawings, photographs, models, prototypes, or other materials presented in the research study.

I understand that any information or materials that I provide to Inner Circle, in whatever form, including without limitation ideas, submissions, suggestions, feedback, concepts, creations, data and all other works of authorship and materials (“Creative Ideas”) and any proprietary rights therein, whether now known or later discovered, will be exclusively owned by Watsco Inc.’s Inner Circle will be entitled to unrestricted use of the Creative Ideas for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without compensation to me or any other person.

I acknowledge that as a result of my involvement in Inner Circle a commercially viable product or service may be discovered or developed. I understand and agree that all Creative Ideas, which I may suggest during this study, or afterwards if they pertain to my involvement in Inner Circle, and any and all versions of such Creative Ideas, will without any further compensation become the sole property of Watsco Inc.’s Inner Circle.

I understand that all materials provided to me during Inner Circle sessions or research studies belong to Watsco Inc.’s Inner Circle and I agree to return them to Inner Circle if requested.

From time to time, Inner Circle may invite me to participate in research activities (in-home interviews, group discussions or digital surveys, and other Inner Circle events. I understand that digital video or audio recordings and / or photographs (“Media”) may be made of these events. I also understand that as part of Inner Circle I may submit other Media to Inner Circle directly or through various digital means. I waive my right to review or make comments on the Media prior to its use. I grant Watsco Inc.’s Inner Circle permission to use the Media or derivative works based on it, including my name, likeness, image, voice, and/or appearance to the extent embodied in the Media, for the reasons mentioned in this form, including for the purposes of media and marketing. I further agree that I understand that, other than as mentioned in this form, Inner Circle will keep my personal data confidential unless I otherwise agree in writing.

I agree to the collection and limited use of my personal information in accordance with Watsco Venture’s Privacy Policy http://www.watscoventures.com/privacy-2

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